The Phantom Crew


Hellen Bach

Age: 127

Languages: English and Latin

Hellen Bach is ready to take you on a wild ride through the spooky streets of Savannah ! After a century of searching for souls she’s developed a wicked sense of humor and a collection of hair raising tales to share with her guests! Hellens puns and red hot wit will have you on you burning up with laughter !

Hellen offers a tour that will have you screaming with delight! 


Penny Dreadful

Age: A lady never tells!

Languages: English, Ghostly Whispers, and Sarcasm

Hailing from the dark corners of Savannah, Penny has been haunting the streets of Savannah for as long as anyone can remember! Penny is known for her ability to scare up a good time on her hearse tours. Penny shares tales of the cities most notorious hauntings and is known to crack a joke or 2 along the way!

Penny offers a tour that will bring you laughter and a shiver down your spine!


Capt Booooo!

Age: Immortal

Languages: English and Ghostly whispers 

Conjured up during a seance Capt Boo has been haunting the streets since before Savannah was a city!  Boo will take you on a wild hearse ride through the Boo-tiful streets of Savannah sharing tales of times gone by and stories of the spirits that still linger in the shadows of the city!  Capt Boo will keep you laughing in the face of fear !

Capt Boo offers a tour that is a hauntingly fun!


Robin Graves

Age: 28 (or 128???)

Languages: English and Ghostly Whispers

Unearthed in Savannah a century ago Robin has spent decades roaming the graveyards of Savannah in search of treasure. Along the way

Robin has collected ghostly tales and spooky stories and is dying to share those tales with you as you take a journey through the eerie streets of Savannah in a hearse!

Robin offers a tour that is both thrilling and hilarious!

HGT Staff Photos

Tony Ghostarelli aka Tony Ghost

Age: Fahgetaboutit!

Languages: English, Italian Hand Gestures, and Murderrr

It’s a mystery where Tony hails from but some say he’s a witness protection case gone wrong!  Tony has a swagger that would make any ghost jealous, so sit back and relax  as Tony takes you thru the dark city streets.

Tony will regale you with tales of “murderrrr" and mayhem and the spirits that still linger ! His ghostly tales so terrifying they’ll keep you up at night! But don’t worry, Tony will share a few cheesy jokes along the way to ease your fears!

Tonys offers a tour that is murderously funny!


Hoodoo Joe

Age: ???!

Languages: English and Southern Charm

Born under the Spanish moss on a moonlit night Hoodoo has a deep connection to the spirits of Savannah ! Ride along with him for an unforgettable night of tales of the mischievous spirits that still haunt the Savannah streets! His “dead” ication to his bad jokes will have you cracking up as you make you way through the city!

Hoodoo offers a thrill filled tour with laughs said to raise the dead!


Daisy Pusher

Age: Timeless

Languages: English and Gothic 

Born and raised in the shadows of Savannah Daisy knows all the best spots for ghostly encounters and eerie tales.  From restless sprit tales to jokes about “ghoul-diggers” of the past Daisy will have you pushin up daisies with laughter!

Daisy offers a tour that will have you gasping for air! Whether it’s from fright or laughter you’ll have to wait and  find out!


Dee Composing

Age: Timeless

Location: The Great Beyond

Languages: English and Ghostly Whispers 

Dee hails from the underground of Savannah, not one to lay around and rot Dee is always in search of new haunts! As she navigates the hearse through the eerie streets of Savannah, Dee serenades you with tales that are truly terrifying and jokes so bad they’re good!

Dee offers a tour that is a spooky laugh a minute! Just don’t lose your composure!


Hot Rod Hearston

Age: Ain’t Nothin but a Number

Languages: English and Sarcasm

Vrooom! Hot Rod Hearston raced into town one day and never left ! He digs fast hearses and bad dad jokes! Buckle up for a thrilling tales as you ride through the haunted streets of the city, with Hearston at the wheel be prepared to die laughing ! 

Hearston offers a thrilling tour with jokes so bad they’re good!