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Voted Best Tour Company in Savannah 2024

We Make Funerals FUN!!!

Embark on an eerie and entertaining journey through the shadowy streets of Savannah with the Hearse Ghost Tours. This spine-tingling adventure offers a unique blend of history, mystery, supernatural intrigue, and DAD JOKES.

Climb aboard the ominous hearse, adorned with flickering lanterns casting dancing shadows, as your guide leads you through haunted alleys and forgotten corners. Feel the chill of the night air as tales of restless spirits and lingering specters unfold. With each creak of the carriage and every whispered legend, anticipation builds, enveloping passengers in a cloak of suspense. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride into the unknown.

Savannah, GA

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Welcome to the Hearse Ghost Tours.

We’re a one-of-a-kind experience in Savannah, Georgia’s Historic District. There’s no more unique way to see downtown than in a converted hearse that transported thousands of the Dearly Departed.

Since you’ll be riding in a hearse that’s been converted to carry the living instead of the dead, there’s not an excess of space in the back; it’s been turned into a convertible, so the car is open-air and has no heating or AC. Please dress for the weather. The hearse does have a roof and windows that can be closed, so we go rain or clear skies. Keeping our guests’ safety in mind, however, we may need to cancel the Viewing if weather conditions become unsafe. We will inform anyone affected by a weather cancellation as soon as possible. Our drivers have the final call on whether conditions are safe or not to conduct a Viewing; if your Viewing is canceled by us we’ll happily reschedule you or provide a refund if we’re unable to meet your scheduling needs.

Despite many of our guests capturing paranormal photos on our tours (and we love when you share those on our Instagram Page!) our tour is typically more fun than serious. We tell real ghost stories and history, but our goal is to entertain and amuse, not to give you a mobile ghost-hunting experience. Also, Savannah ordinances allow anyone 21 years old and above to bring an alcoholic beverage with them, provided the beverage is in a plastic or Styrofoam container, and no more than 16 oz per cup.

If you need to make any alterations to your reservation, whether that’s changing the number in your party, rescheduling, or cancelling altogether, you have until 24 hours before your Viewing is scheduled to begin; any later and you will not qualify for a refund.

Please also browse our Frequently Asked Questions.